Seattle Homeless Part 2

Last week I went out with Officer and Laura, an outreach associate with the Veterans Administration. The goals was to locate homeless veterans and get them information about housing options available. We were successful and located a handful. These are just some images from that day.

Officer Wear goes through a box of belongings from a recent deceased homeless man. Inside the box were letters, scraps books, military field guides and Marine Decorations. Seattle, WA

Inside the box of the deceased man were Marine Decorations. Seattle, WA

Officer wear and Laura check the site of an old encampment to see if anyone has re-established it. Seattle, WA.

Officer Wear checks in on Angel, whose husband Harold has been in the hospital on Dialysis. They currently live in a RV in Ballard. Seattle, WA

Angel informs Officer Wear of her husbands state, who has been recently hospitalized. They currently live in a RV in Ballard. Seattle, WA

Laura informs Rob, a homeless veteran living in Ballard, about some of the housing options and services available to him right now. Seattle, WA

A homeless veteran and his belongings where he resides under the Ballard Bridge. Seattle, WA

Officer Wear in his Patrol Car. Seattle, WA

Seattle Homeless Part 1

Last week, down the street from my house, I came across an eviction of a homeless encampment. Seattle, like many other west coast cities, have large homeless populations. With strong homeless rights and many services available, an estimated 8,000 people a night are living on the streets of the emerald city. 

What transpired as I photographed the event was moving. Officer TJ Wear assisted with and helped those whose homes were being removed by the city with compassion and understanding. He helped carry others belongings and organize them as well as buy time for one individual who was being rushed by the clean up crew. Officer Wear also actively tries to find more permanent housing situations for those who do not have in his district. I look forward to working more with Officer Wear and the homeless of Seattle.

Justin, a resident of the Ballard Locks encampment, breaks down and moves his belongings as a city clean up crew evicts them from their location.

Justin breaks down his tent by the Ballard Locks. Having been homeless for some time, He also struggles with medical issues.

Officer TJ Wear assists Justin with moving his belongings.

Justin, a former motorcycle and bike mechanic, still puts his skills to use. 

Justin and his belongings as he decides what to take and what to leave behind.

Officer Wear watches as the clean up crew starts to pick up the encampment, making sure they do not remove the items that the residents want to keep.

Officer Wear talks to Justin about his options  and what he can do to get himself off the street. 

Justin stands on the sight of his former camp. Justin now must find a new place to call his home.