Photo a Day #9

Great light and great company after terrible day of traveling

The suns sets at 35,000 feet above the Northeastern United states as Southwestern flight 2843 makes its way from Chicago Midway to Boston Logan. Today marks the beginning of one of the busiest travel periods of the year

Photo a Day #5

Markus Hoffman-Achenbach of ver.di, the German United Services Union, stands in front of the Amazon headquarters. Some Amazon employees stood in solidarity for 1,000 German Amazon employees who staged a warning today. Hoffman-Achenbach and others came to Seattle from Germany to bring the issue to Amazons front step. They are striking for better wages and working conditions. Amazon, one of the most prosperous companies in the world and a pioneer in e-commerce, is headquartered in the South Lake Union district in Seattle. 

Photo a Day #2

I was on assignment today and am playing catch up now, but here is a shot from earlier this week. 

A plane makes its way past the Space Needle. Machinists and Boeing have yet to reach a compromise that will bring a 777x manufacturing line to Western Washington, where Boeing is headquartered. The company has received bids from other states for the contract to build the plane. Seattle, WA

Photo of the Day #1

The name explains it all, lets try and make this for awhile


Ray Foresman of Lynnwood, WA, outside of his locker at Fisherman's Terminal in Seattle. Foresman, a commercial fisherman of almost 40 years is the owner of a few vessels, including the Silver Isle. He says that what worries him most is that due to the cost of becoming a commercial fisherman, from licensing to the vessel itself, it is near impossible for people to work their way up from deckhands to owners.

New Work

Here are some shots from the past couple of weeks.

John Mcdonald Hangs a gillnet in his locker at Fisheman's Terminal

Carter,  a Seattle underground tour guide, explaining the skylights built into the sidewalks

Janna in the Arboretum

Seattle Bouldering Competition

Seattle Bouldering Competition

Seattle Bouldering Competition